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A Journey to Improved Mental Fitness in Columbus

Have you ever envisioned a life where your mental fitness thrives, unlocking your true potential and resilience? Welcome to Kim Regis Consulting, LLC, your partner on the path to holistic well-being in Columbus. We take pride in our commitment to guaranteeing improved mental fitness, led by a coach uniquely ...

Nurturing Well-being for Women of Color and Allies on the Journey to Success

We are on a mission to empower and uplift women of color and their allies on their journey to mental fitness, paving the way for greater success and positive outcomes. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by women of color, we offer a dedicated space where support and empowerment flourish.
Our holistic approach ...
From Adversity to Empowerment

In the face of adversity, Kim Regis emerged not only as a survivor but as a beacon of inspiration. At the age of 36, she confronted a life-altering stroke while juggling the demands of a high-pressure job, nurturing a family, and navigating the complexities of multiple traumatic events in the workplace. Undeterred by the challenges, she embarked on a profound journey of recovery and self-discovery.

Determined to understand the intricacies of post-traumatic growth, Kim delved into the realms of psychology, complementing her existing doctorate in nursing. This transformative period paved the way for the birth of Kim Regis Consulting, LLC, where she channeled her experiences into a powerful mission. The turning point came in 2015 when the traditional notion of dedicating three decades to a single company was shattered. This unexpected twist liberated Kim to pursue her true passion and calling.

Today, Kim Regis is on a mission to support women of color and their allies in achieving mental fitness for greater success and positive outcomes. Her journey, marked by resilience and purpose, stands as a testament to the transformative power of overcoming adversity. Through coaching and empowerment, she continues to inspire others to break free from limitations and embrace a path of fulfillment, resilience, and success.

"The Way We Think of Ourselves Has Everything to Do With How the World Sees Us and How We See Ourselves Successfully Acknowledged by the World." — Arlene Rankin

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